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In this week’s podcast we continue our Ask the Founder session with Dr. Ivan Misner!


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In this week’s podcast we begin our Ask the Founder segment with Dr. Ivan Misner!  Dr. Misner will be answering questions sent in by our listeners.


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In this week’s podcast Eric discusses how sometimes we give people too much “stuff” and how it could be negatively effecting our referral results, as well as how to handle having too much “stuff” happening around you that may be distracting you from producing the referrals you want!


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In this podcast we discuss whether it is a good idea or not to use your Sales Manager Minutes to ask for donations, volunteers, or referrals for your charitable causes!


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Is your BNI Chapter a bunch of monkeys?  In this podcast Tim explains how the “Monkey See Monkey Do” staying is represented in many BNI chapters, AND how that can be a good thing.


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In this podcast Eric discusses how we need to EARN the referrals we desire from BNI and gives us some key tips to do just that.


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In this week's episode Eric discusses 5 simple things that may have actually cost you referrals and money this week.

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In this week's podcast Eric discuss the D in P.A.I.D - Details!  Eric teaches us some different details to pay attention to to maximize our BNI results!

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In this week's podcast Eric shares some tips to maximize the results you can see from your next Showcase Presentation.

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In this podcast Tim shares 5 Tips to help you qualify for our FIRST EVER Membership Drive!

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