BNI & The Power of One

In this week's episode Eric discusses 5 simple things that may have actually cost you referrals and money this week.

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In this week's podcast Eric discuss the D in P.A.I.D - Details!  Eric teaches us some different details to pay attention to to maximize our BNI results!

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In this week's podcast Eric shares some tips to maximize the results you can see from your next Showcase Presentation.

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In this podcast Tim shares 5 Tips to help you qualify for our FIRST EVER Membership Drive!

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In this podcast Eric and Tim discuss following up on referrals, and the communication necessary between the person receiving the referral, the referral themselves, and the referral source.

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Does your chapter suffer from a mob mentality that is detrimental to your success?

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In this podcast we discuss who you should be inviting to your chapter and the importance of growing your contact sphere.  Think about this: if everyone in your chapter brought in the ONE profession they wanted more than any other the chapter would double!

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In this podcast we discuss the difference between someone being a visitor to your chapter and someone being a guest.  We also discuss which one your chapter should be tracking and why.

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In this podcast Tim and Eric discuss the Power of One mindset and what it could mean to the results of your chapter.

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In this podcast we compare a BNI Membership to purchasing a Lottery Ticket.  Which one have you really done?

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