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Being a mentor in your BNI chapter is the #1 way to live the Givers Gain philosophy.  In this podcast we will talk about why you should want to be a mentor for your newest member!

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What are you trying to accomplish with your weekly Sales Manager Minute?  That is the topic of this week's podcast, including what is the goal of a sales manager minute and what you need to teach your members.  We also discuss how preparing or not preparing your sales manager minutes directly affect the results your other members will see!

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In this podcast we discuss the story of Three Feet From Gold from the book Three Feet From Gold that we recommended to you this month.  We discuss the two important lessons from this story and how they tie directly to your BNI membership!

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Welcome to the BNI podcast. In this episode we discuss what it means to run at 212 degrees.

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In this podcast we discuss how to invite new visitors to your chapter more effectively, and enjoyably.

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