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Should your chapter be selective about who it accepts as a member?  Absolutely! However, the first step is making sure we have enough visitors and applicants to be selective from.

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This week we discuss the Top 5 Do's and Don'ts of a productive Featured Presentation!

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This week we answer another member question: What do we do when a member of another chapter refuses to pay for the services provided by you?  We discuss this exact scenario and how to handle all types of member complaints.

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Ever wonder why an Elephant can be contained by a simple rope and a steak in the ground?  Why wouldn't this powerful animal just rip this little stake out and walk away?  This week we discuss the power of belief and ask: "What is keeping you contained?"

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In this month's episode of Tim and Raef's Reads we discuss the book Contagious by Jonah Berger

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This week we answer a show idea submission from a member in Massachusetts: What are your guidelines for entering a referral?  Is it right after you verbally recommend someone, or only after the actual contact has been made?

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This week we answer another Show Submission all the way from WESTERN AUSTRALIA!  Does a small town mean we will always have a small chapter?  We discuss getting over the mental blocks of growth and an exercise any chapter can do to see growth opportunities. 

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In this month's episode of Tim and Raef's Read we discuss the book Getting Things Done by David Allen

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This week we discuss one of the most important topics when it comes to Word-of-Mouth marketing: your WHY!  I also share my WHY and why I am so passionate about BNI.

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This week we answer another Member Question: Treating your chapter/BNI Membership like a Business vs. a Hobby!

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